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The geographical area of Greek Calabria consists of the southernmost edge of the Aspromonte that overlooks the Ionian Sea, sitting in between the promontories of Capo dโ€™Armi and Capo Spartivento. In the coastal strip, welcoming beaches alternate with inhabited centres. Simultaneously, a different landscape emerges within the territory, particularly concentrated within the Aspromonte National Park. Here, you will find yourself surrounded by a peaceful and silent natural cosmos, populated by solemn rivers and wild mountains that slope down to the sea.
Along the riverbeds and in the hilly belt, the fragrant fields of bergamot dominate the scene. From this citrus fruit, which, thanks to the particular microclimate, takes root only in the Ionian side of the province of Reggio Calabria, it is extracted the essence for the natural basis of the most refined perfume production worldwide.
Travelling through Greek Calabria equals travelling through the history, traditions, architecture, tastes, culture, sounds, dances, landscapes, and colours that have distinguished its identity. The area offers scenarios and excursions for all kinds of visitors.
A traditional, peasant cuisine characterised by simple and natural ingredients. Zippole, lestopitte, maccaruni, cudduraci, petrali, paired with IGT Palizzi wines and bergamot liqueurs are the main courses.
And then the characteristic sounds and dances with instruments built by skilled craftsmen, bagpipes, accordions, Calabrian lyre, and the identifying goatskin tambourine. I n summer, the Ethnomusical Festival, Paleariza, was awarded in 2011 with the โ€œItalian Heritageโ€ label by the Ministry of Tourism.